Jangaard was founded in 1931 and has grown to be one of Norway’s leading producer and export companies of wet and dried salted fish. Jangaard has nine fish refinement grounds situated along Norway’s coastline.

To achieve the Jangaard standard of quality, the fish must be fresh, properly cleaned, fully salted, and matured for approximately three weeks before it is dried. Jangaard secures its quality raw material from the local, small-vessel coastal fleet. Jangaard avoids freezing the raw material in order to preserve as much flavour and protein as possible. Jangaard only uses natural ingredients.

Jangaard sells a traditional product and produces the product in a traditional way. In the old days, the fish was fully salted and then dried on the sloping rocks by the sea. Today, the same approach is used but the fish is dried in perfectly tempered drying rooms. The quality and desired dryness are assured through traditional preparation methods and by maintaining a consistent temperature in the drying room.